Professional Beer Making at Home






Brew4You brewing systems are made in 50, 70 and 100 liter versions, and are ideal when brewing between about 25 to 80 liters per brew. All material are stainless steel.

The systems are complete and includes :  

Stand with adjustable bearings
3 kettles, Hot Liquor Tun (HLT), Boil Kettle and Mashtun
Electrical pump
Automatic control system
Counterpressure plate chiller
All valves, quick connects, silicone hoses


Heating source is Gas


The gas systems uses 1 Bar regulators, and has 6 KW capacity. They are equipped with flame control and ignition flame. For outdoor use only !


L x B x H (cm) = 130 x 59 x 195 (without control panel and grain chute)
L x B x H (cm) = 130 x 100 x 195 (including control panel and grain chute)
Weight = ~ 110 kilograms




The HLT is equipped with :

A copper coil heat exchanger
Electronic level control to prevent boil-dry situations
Electronic temperature sensor
Valve in bottom



The Boil Kettle is equipped with :

Valve in bottom


The Mashtun is equipped with :

False bottom
Adjustable sparge ring with electronic level controller for the sparge water
Electronic temperature sensor
Valve in bottom






Grain Chute, to be used, when the used grain is disposed in the trash can. The Mashtun system can pivot, and be locked in a tilted position by means of the handles.








Electronic pump, to secure recirculation of water and wort depending on process. Capacity 5.15 liters per minute.



Automatic touch screen control panel. Includes the following functionalities

Controls sensors, level controls, pump and heating source
Are programmable for automatic control of heating, stepmashing in up to 5 steps, sparging and boiling
Can run in manual mode
Can store and reuse all your programs
Can interface to internet and PC



Counterpressure Plate Chiller. Capacity is about 10 liters per minute (90 to 20 degrees Celcius).